Elegant is a sophisticated and modern collection consisting of single and double suspended modules with pull-out drawers. Front panels are proposed in two versions: with patterned central insert or fully patterned, according to skillfully selected matchings. The storage unit top and sides are in total back-lacquered glass, which gives continuity to the surface, communicating a rigorous geometric order. The various configurations can include four types of bowls: Orfeo, Rakos, Kara and Tania. Elegant embellishes and completes your bathroom, making it harmonious and functional. 

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Storage is provided by two levels of drawers: one bottom single-compartment drawer, made of glass-finished wood with very functional soft-close rails and the top drawer, with wooden dividers and push-pull closing.

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The Intenso collection combines storage units, hanging cabinets and shelves in a new way, letting you choose the alignments and positions for each element according to your personal preference and taste. 

The washbasin level, available with single or double bowl, is in 12mm tempered lacquered glass with concealed hanging brackets. Each storage module is equipped with drawers with smooth or fully-patterned doors, available in any of the finishes included in the catalogue. The wall unit, fitted with hinged door, provides more storage, handy and closer to the user. The various configurations can include four types of bowl: Orfeo, Rakos, Kara and Tania. 

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Kara bowl, resting on the top, made of 10mm curved glass.

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The Esmeralda collection includes single- and double double-based modules, with hinged doors. The doors feature patterned central and corner inserts or can be fully patterned; the corner elements match the pattern or create contrast. The recessed plinth makes the whole unit lighter, creating the optical illusion of a hanging cabinet. The top is in plain color back-lacquered glass, the sides are in the same finish as the doors, the washbasin bowls are available in: Orfeo, Rakos, Kara and Tania. 

Esmeralda is ideal for those who love solid shapes and for those who need large storage capacity. 

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